Currently finishing my Master's in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology, and looking for a full-time design role anywhere in the United States starting June 2018!
My design background
I have honed my design muscles with four years of work experience on web, mobile and print projects spanning two countries – India and the United States. And worked on design teams of tech, non-profit and design agencies. The varying cultural constraints and philosophies towards design across these countries and mediums have been a test of my adaptability and confidence with the design process.
My passion for entrepreneurship
Led me to co-founded an opportunity marketplace for creative jobs based in India. The platform is still being used by over 160 organizations including TIME Asia, Greenpeace, Uber, Condé Nast and WWF. We were selected as one of top 50 start-ups out of 560 applications from 30 countries for Southeast Asia’s largest accelerator program MaGIC in Cyberjaya, Malaysia – a fully-funded, four-month program initiated by the Govt. of Malaysia & the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.
When I am not working
I actively seek out new food experiences, travel (16 countries and hopefully more!) and spending time by the water. I make art, recently I have dabbled in typographic-embroidery and 3d printing. I love animals, and have and devoted my time as a dog foster parent in past, I have found that to be one of the most satisfying experiences and would love to do more in the future. 
Also, I'm an avid RadioLab Addict. 

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